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HeartForAgility Positive Training

July 30th, 2008

More Obedience @ 10:20 pm

Tonight's session was cut short with only about 10 minutes to work Lucy. We extended all of the training from last night to tonight and it worked out very well. Her sits are getting very clean, not quite polished yet, but getting there. I didn't work her against the fence at all tonight and her sitting was directly beside me, square, as it should be. I was so proud! I decided to touch on some about turns, sharp ones and more rounded as well. About turns are not Lucy's best, she had a hard time with them when we first started her basic obedience, but has grown into them more. I talk to her, make sure she is always looking at me, always focusing on me as we complete the turn, then click and reward with a treat. Again, she is catching on to this exercise quite fast too. I added some stays into the mix again tonight, same as last night. She did break one of her sit stays tonight though, the neighbors dog was quite tempting! But I corrected her... put her into the sit position and gave  the stay command, which she followed through with. Friday is state fair day, so we are going to get in 1 more session before we head down to compete. I am not expecting for us to place at fair, even though Lucy has a good knowledgeable obedience foundation, she is still a puppy, she is we are just going down to get some experience in and have some fun!  
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HeartForAgility Positive Training