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HeartForAgility Positive Training

August 2nd, 2008

Indiana State Fair @ 10:39 pm

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On Friday Lucy and I headed down to compete at the 2008 State Fair! We only entered in obedience, for THIS year, next year will be agility as well... watch out! I got up around 3am Friday morning and then we left the house around 5:30am and made it down there by 9am. There was a huge line for the vet checks, we then waited in that for about an hour before being seen by a vet  assistant to get passed into the building in order to show. We finally got entered into the building a little after 10am. We got our crate set up in the crating area within our club "Waggin' Tails" before we checked on our show time. They were calling in groups of 10 or so to line up in number order in the hole. I was clear at the end of my group of 10 and we were to start showing around 1:45, so I had a ton of time to kill. I took Lucy out about 5 times before showing to work her on some obedience. I worked her on her heeling for the most part, she has really come a long way from frantically tugging and pulling me in the ring. I also had her complete some sit and down stays, which she did great on! 1:45 quickly came around the corner and we started heading towards the line to enter the ring. There were 3 rings for 1B obedience, Lucy's class. We entered into the first ring were the heeling and figure eights took place. Lucy's heeling was outstanding! I was so proud of her! She didn't tug even once, while completing normal, slow, and fast speeds. Her figure eights defiantly could have been cleaner, she never does well with them, but over the fall I am going to be working her on some exercises including those. The next ring consisted of the stand for exam and the off-lead recall. I could not have been more happy with her stand for exam. She did perfect, in the beginning of the 4-H year I could not get her to complete it for anything! Next, her recall... ohh boy. She has never had much of a problem with the recall, only the finishing task at the end. I left her with the stay command walking to my desired place. Then called her, she came but didn't sit in front of me as planned. So I placed her in front of me sitting then bent down and placed my hand to my side for her finnish command... she thought I wanted to play. She got all excited starting barking at me and running all over the ring, hahaha. I couldn't even catch her, a ring steward finally got her. So that ruled out most the points on her recall. The final ring was sit and down stays... 1 minute sit stay and 3 minute down stay. We got through those with ease not missing a point. So over all we had a great day, she did excellent for a 11 month old pup and next year we are defiantly going back down again. We wouldn't miss it! 
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