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HeartForAgility Positive Training

August 8th, 2008

Serpentine Handling @ 12:03 am

I worked Lucy on serpentines tonight for the first time.  She did really well with all the handling techniques I threw in there. I first tried staying on one side and directing her through the set up with the reverse flow pivot/push. She took really well to this method right away and stayed very consistent with it through the whole session. Next I got into some of the more tricky techniques with switching sides and adding front crosses. This was our most difficult method tried all night. It was hard for me, being the handler, to complete a front cross before Lucy came into the middle jump. After a couple tries I figured out, if I first came in the sequence more to the right, by the middle jump, I could make the transition into a front cross with more ease. Even with discovering that, the front crosses did not flow as well as I'd like, so were going to be working on those. We finished up, still switching sides, with blind crosses. Throughout the whole session, the blind cross runs were our best, with more speed and accuracy. Sure, blind crosses normally have the reputation of being more difficult, but they just seemed to flow with Lucy and I from the beginning. We haven't had a more enjoyable session than tonight's in a long time. Lucy and I both had a great time with this exercise!
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HeartForAgility Positive Training