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HeartForAgility Positive Training

September 14th, 2008

Lucy's First AKC Rally Trial, September 13 & 14! @ 10:34 pm

Wow! It's been a really long time since I have posted any training blogs with Lucy! We have been really busy latey, I have just started school and we have also started taking more formal classes for obedience. Lucy has really been excelling throughout her rally work so I decided it was time to try a trial! We just trialed this past weekend, September 13th &14th. It was held in Lebanon, Indiana and hosted by the Greater Lafayette Kennel Club out of Lafayette, Indiana. Saturday was the first day and of course, as you could guess, I started getting pretty nervous as the Advanced class finished up. Lucy had kept a great attention span with me all day, but she was lacking on her "come front" command; sitting sideways facing to the right of me. It wasn't a big deal for her first trial, only 1 or 2 points docked, but as she fell into that position she lost attention and focus on me so I really wanted to fix it before entering the ring. I took her outside, working her on the exercise, but still I saw no improvement, so I just dropped it for the day. After waiting around the show grounds for about 3 hours we had the Novice A walk through and up until that point I was still a little edgy, but after that walk through I settled down a bit, I was a bit more confident. I knew I had to "get myself together" before I went out with Lucy, because she can sense anything with me and would lack in the ring. When we got in the ring everything came together and I just started enjoying myself and had fun with it. Lucy did excellent, especially with it being her first! We ended up Q-ing and place 2nd out of 14 in the class with 95 points out of 100! I was so thrilled with her performance! I was just hoping that we would Q and get a leg towards her RN title but she really pulled through and enjoyed herself all the while. We stayed in a near by hotel overnight and headed back towards the show grounds around 9:30 am and hung around till 3pm, when we were scheduled to show. We had another spectacular run, Q-ing again, while also placing...1st! We received yet again a 95 out of 100 and placed 1st out of 7 dogs! I was so happy with Lucy, even if she wouldn't have succeeded this weekend, she defiantly gave her all when she stepped into the ring!

2/3 legs for her RN title!
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HeartForAgility Positive Training