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HeartForAgility Positive Training

July 29th, 2008

Obedience Work @ 09:39 pm

Tonight I worked Lucy on some basic obedience skills, getting ready for our state fair apperence. She has been having a horrible time with her sitting. It has become very messy and "cocked" to the side of me, her chest facing me. So we did some healing against the fence and I started seeing a improvement right away! Now of course it isn't perfected yet, but we've got a good start on it for future references. Along with that we worked on her stays, sits and downs. We did this exersice by the neighbors fence, allowing for distractions, such as their dog to factor in. I allow Lucy a 1 minute sit stay and 3 minute down stay. She has the whole "stay" concept down really well, but her focus on me needs to improve, so I have been rewarding her with a click from the clicker when she looks at me through the process. She is catching on to that quite fast and I'm hoping I can see some more improvements by friday (show day)! All around I have seen a rising maturity level in Lucy this past week. No video from tonight, but I will have some coming shortly.

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Date:July 29th, 2008 10:34 pm (UTC)
Yay Lucy! Sounds like she is doing great! Sakari does the same 'crooked' type sit on my side, but only on my left side. Mainly because I work her mostly on my right on that stuff, because I'm right handed. I'm not very coordinated doing all that on my left :P haha

HeartForAgility Positive Training